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Day 15 Hanging out in Loxton

The washing saga and me and Dad's leisurely day

sunny 32 °C

Dad and I are wondering how Mum functions on a day-to-day basis. Yesterday, after we unpacked Mum wanted to do some washing, so she went to the laundry room at the campsite to see how much money it was to do a wash. She came back and said it was $3 but the machines only took $1 coins. Mum and Dad only had three $1 coins so she could only do one wash (there is no indication from Dad that he is willing to do the washing). So Mum decided to do the sheets, so she took all the sheets, the pillowcases, the doona cover, the 2 thin blankets and marched up to the laundry room and put her $3 in a front loader washing machine. When she came back she saw that she had left the laundry powder on our dinner table and then she said a bad word. Dad laughed.

Afterwards Dad went to the toilet and when he came back he had all the sheets with him and he had a big smile on his face. He goes to Mum 'lucky you didn't put any washing powder in because the front loader wasn't a front loader, it was a dryer'. Mum said another bad word.

So, today Mum was determined to do the washing. It was a hot day and she had three loads to do. She had all her coins ready. She marched up to the machines with her three loads, then realised that she didn't bring the washing powder with her, so he came all the way back to the tent to get the washing powder. When she went to hang the washing she realised that she had left the pegs back at the tent, so she had to go all the way back to the tent to get them.

While Mum was trying to grasp the concept of washing clothes at a campsite, Dad was enjoying a leisurely stroll around Loxton Golf Course (and I was snoozing in the tent most of the day).

Here's Dad's comments about the golf course:

  • Price: $20.00 for 9 holes, $30 for 18 holes, Par: 72
  • Very flat, greens were quite quick, lots of trees and red sand in the bunkers
  • Had to dodge the sprinklers while playing!
  • Rate it along the lines of Devil Bend in Mt Martha, Victoria
  • Played 9 holes in 45 shots

In the afternoon, we went for a walk to Loxton main street. It was a beautiful walk because we walked along the Murray River to get there.

Later on me and Dad had an afternoon nap. After all, we had had a hard day!

It's tiring doing nothing all day!

It's tiring doing nothing all day!

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Day 14 North of Loxton

Best day ever!

Today I had the best day of my life!

We travelled up to a place called Murtho. There was a brewery up there which of course Dad wanted to go to. Anyway when we got there I jumped out of the car because Dad was going to tie me up to a tree but then a dog came up beside me. His name was Murray and he was a German Coolie cross Kelpie. The owners of Murray said that I didn't need to be tied to a tree, I could just run around wherever.

So I sniffed Murray's bum and he sniffed mine and then we became the best of friends. Me and Murray had so much fun. We ran around the garden and into the brewery and then onto the deck of the brewery and then around the new homestead and then the old homestead and then Murray jumped into the river and I just got my paws wet because I'm still a little afraid of the water (although if you chuck a stick in the water or a ball, I will go and get it eventually) and then back to the deck and into the brewery. We chased each other for over an hour, it was so good, I just wanted to stay all day!

Me and Murray at the old homestead

Me and Murray at the old homestead

Dad enjoyed their beer. Here's what he said:

Amazon Ale
Awesome! Light refreshing pale ale made with hops.

Nuns Cider
Nice and dry

Judas the Dark
Very strong taste (but really good). Made from roasted wattle seed

Firehouse Coffee Stout
Really good, strong coffee flavour

On the way back from Murtho we stopped at Renmark and sat by the Murray River and had lunch and listened to a band. (and Dad drank more beer)

Me and Mum at Renmark

Me and Mum at Renmark

Later, Dad attempted to do more fishing. He's excuse for not catching fish this time was that he was told by the receptionist at the campsite that the fish are pretty scarce at the moment as water has been released from the dam so the farmers can irrigate their fields.

We did however catch a nice view.

Dad trying to fish...again!

Dad trying to fish...again!

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Day 13 Penola to Loxton

The humans need warmth!

sunny 29 °C

The Penola campsite was very basic but in a great location as it was only a 10 minute walk into town. Near the campsite there was a cycle path which me and Mum walked along every morning. I'm giving it 3 out of 5 paws.

Mum and Dad have finally figured out that if they keep heading towards the coast (as originally planned) then they will still be cold. So we headed north to sunshine!

Driving along to Loxton, Mum and Dad didn't realise that Australia was so big. You can understand Dad not realising because he's from England where you drive to someone's place for an hour and a half and you'd stay overnight because it was too far to go back home (so I've been told) but Mum should realise because this is her country. (I do wonder about the state of Mum's mind sometimes.)

They thought that the drives between towns would be similar to Victoria where there are small towns in between the bigger towns but here there's just red dust, road and lots of sheep. We saw some really tiny lambs (they were as small as 'Evil'). Mum thought they were really cute. Dad looked at them and said 'Yum'.

No small towns in sight!

No small towns in sight!

On the way to Loxton we stopped at Bordertown so I could have a run around and then we stopped for lunch at Pinaroo. When we arrived in Loxton it was hot. I take after Mum when it comes to the heat. We both get all huffed and puffed and just need to sit down and drink lots of water.

Mum and Dad set up the tent in record time (55 minutes) and with no arguments! Now they just need to learn how to pack up quicker.

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Day 12 Robe and Beachport

And the lake that's not a lake!

overcast 14 °C

Today we took a trip to Robe and Beachport. They are both on the coast. The forecast was not rain, so it actually made sense to visit!

Mum enjoyed Robe because there was lots of history. When we went to see the ruins of the old jail, Mum said that maybe she will leave Dad there. (I don't think she was joking)

Me and Dad in jail

Me and Dad in jail

When we went to Beachport, Mum and Dad ate their packed lunch (made by Dad so it was nice) and then we walked along the jetty which was 772 metres long.

We got back to Penola in time to go to the Mary MacKillop Interpretive Centre. Dad said it sounded boring so Mum went by herself (and she said that it wasn't boring!) and me and Dad headed back to the campsite.

Afterwards, we all went for a drive to a lake so that I could have a run around but when we got there, the lake was gone. It was replaced by lots of grass.

Me and Dad in the lake!

Me and Dad in the lake!

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Day 10 and 11 Travelling around the Limestone Coast

My first day in Doggy Day Care!

rain 12 °C

My not-so-bright parents have all the technology with them to find out simple things like weather temperatures, yet they still managed to choose the rainiest and coldest day to visit Mount Gambier.

Dad brought his big golf umbrella with him and he seemed to be nice and dry the whole time, however Mum still got wet because she couldn't keep up with how fast dad walks and I got wet because I walk faster than both of them (how slow does Mum walk?).

Mount Gambier is great for dogs though. Plenty of places to walk (on lead). Even though it rained quite heavily and it was freezing (freezing for humans that is - try wearing heavy fur 24/7 and see if you are cold!) we walked around the Blue Lake. Mum was so cold that she went and bought some gloves (and then complained that she has perfectly good gloves at home and if she knew it was going to be this cold, then she would have bought her own gloves - well maybe if she used her brain and looked up weather forecasts for South Australia she would have found out how cold it was going to be and then maybe she would have been smart enough to bring her own gloves)

As we wandered through the town centre we discovered some cave gardens.

Me and Dad at the cave gardens in Mount Gambier

Me and Dad at the cave gardens in Mount Gambier

If it was cold in Mount Gambier, then heading to the coast in the afternoon would be a stupid idea, right? As my parents like stupid ideas they drove down to the coast to Port MacDonnell. When Dad got out of the car to take photos he commented on how cold it was. I think I may have rolled my eyes. (I learnt how to do that from Mum. She seems to be quite an expert at it)

'Evil' came back to visit on Wednesday night. She purred away trying to get Mum and Dad to give her some food. My eyes nearly popped out of my head when I saw Dad giving her some of his steak. I have NEVER (yes capital letters are needed here) been allowed any food from the table.

On Thursday I jumped in the car assuming we were heading out together. It was a lovely sunny day and I thought to myself, 'Well today would have been a nice day to visit Mount Gambier'. Anyway after about half an hour of being in the car, we stopped at some place and I could hear dogs barking. Straight away I knew something was up. Mum then stayed in the car (she had a guilty look on her face) and Dad asked me to jump out of the car, which of course I did because I always listen to him. Then I meet this guy and all of a sudden I'm chucked into this cage. What the hell is going on? I've got these two other dogs barking at me and then I get a pat from Dad and I hear the car speed away!

It's not that I minded going there. I actually had fun because I got to run around and play ball but my parents at least could have explained what was going on. Communication is the key, you know.

While I was stuck in a cage the oldies visited Naracoote Caves. They said it was good but very expensive. They then drove about 40 minutes to a place called Lucindale to try some cheese at the Limestone Cheese Company. (They seem to go to extremes just to get some food) Then they drove another half an hour to a place called Kingston S. E and had lunch in a nice warm pub called The Crown. Dad was happy because they ate in the public bar so he got to catch up on all the sport news. Mum was happy because she was inside and warm.

Finally they came and picked me up and because they felt guilty for leaving me (and so they should) I got to eat a bone.
I'm so happy chewing on my bone

I'm so happy chewing on my bone

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