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Day 21 Barossa Valley to Victor Harbor

It's not fun getting lost

semi-overcast 22 °C

We leave the Barossa Valley and head to Victor Harbor via Hahndorf, a pretty German-style village. The Barossa Valley campsite was quite good, very clean and tidy and the staff were very friendly, right across from a brewery (Dad loved that) and the location was fantastic. I'll give it 3 1/2 paws out of 5 paws.

We left the campsite at around 9.15am and Hahndorf was only an hour and 15 minutes away. We were going to stop there for morning tea according to Dad. Well, that didn't happen because Mum and Dad got lost. Dad blamed Mum (as usual). You see, Mum and Dad read maps differently. Dad reads a map and goes in the right direction. Mum first turns the map upside down, then tries to read the map, then gets us lost.

So, Dad says it's better to use the map app on his iphone. Surely, he thinks, she can use the app. Mum says she could use the app if someone (she means Dad) explained to her how to use it instead of chucking the phone at her and expecting her to instantly know what to do. I'm just a simple dog but I expect that I could probably do a better job than Mum (at least I think that's what Dad would be thinking).

We finally arrived at Hahndorf in time for lunch! We walked around looking at the old buildings, walked passed lots of German bakeries and German pubs and German cafes selling German food and where do you think Mum and Dad end up? At a cheese place! What do these two humans do, sniff out the cheese places?

We eventually make it to Victor Harbor at around 2.30pm. After set up, Dad had a beer because he was finally relaxed and we took a walk along the beach. Dogs on leads between 10am and 8pm. (We're there at about 4pm)

I just love posing for photos!

I just love posing for photos!

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Day 20 Golfing in the Barossa

And another washing day

semi-overcast 22 °C

Dad really loves playing golf and he is determined to play whenever he can. He says Saturdays are the best days so while he is off having fun me and Mum hang out at the caravan park.

Mum decided it's another washing day (what stupid thing will she do today, I wonder). Before the washing she decides that she wants to take a walk into town. It's a really easy walk. I harass her a bit because I don't sit when she wants me to sit but other than that things were going well. She decided to take a couple of back streets to check out some of the houses. While walking I had a sniff around and ate some grass. Bad move. My stomach started to hurt. Mum was too busy to notice. She wanted to go and have a coffee but she didn't have any money on her, so she had to stop at a ATM. Because my stomach was hurting I was restless so I couldn't sit down. She kept telling me to sit and I wouldn't. Once I finally sat, she put her water bottle on the ground and then got her purse out of her bag and then got her card out. Just as she was about to put the card in the ATM, a message on the screen said 'out of order'. So she huffed and puffed a bit, then put her card back in her purse, her purse back in her bag, picked up the water bottle and started to walk.

My stomach was getting pretty bad by now and then I felt a bit sick and then I started coughing and Mum's looking at me and I'm coughing away and then...I spewed up. Twice! And then I felt much better!

Mum was in a panic though and I gave her my 'I'm feeling much better' look but she just doesn't really understand dog talk so she marched us straight back to the campsite.

She did end up doing a load of washing and she actually used her brain and remembered everything she needed. She didn't stuff up this time but she did tell mention to Dad that she checked about 5 times to make sure the machine was a washing machine and not a dryer. That would have been really funny if she stuffed up again!

Dad's day consisted of a nice round of golf. He played at Barossa Valley Golf Club:

  • The 3 people he played with were very nice. They talked about footy and cricket. (Dad can talk about sport all day)
  • Course was nice (there's that word again) and green but the greens were slow. Lots of trees for Dad to hit the ball to.
  • Saw a huge brown snake. Everyone was scared.
  • The comp was Stableford. Dad had 31 points which he said was okay.

After Dad came home, he snuggled on my bed with me. He said he was very tired.

Me and Dad resting on my bed

Me and Dad resting on my bed

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Day 18 and 19 Wine tasting and eating in the Barossa Valley

Dad's had a great couple of days

semi-overcast 23 °C

Mum and Dad remind me of Labradors. They really gorge themselves on food. Sometimes I watch them eat, and I think to myself, it's like they haven't eaten in days. The last two days are great examples. They pigged out at the Barossa Valley Cheese Company, stuffed themselves silly having lunch at Murray Street winery and gobbled down dips that Dad made at Keller Meister winery while drinking wine (Dad) and coffee (Mum). I really don't think it's necessary to devour that much food.

Me waiting outside another winery while Mum and Dad pig out on food and wine

Me waiting outside another winery while Mum and Dad pig out on food and wine

They ended up going to 6 wineries in total. Here's a selection of Dad's favourite wines (I say a selection because he seriously got to try a lot of wine!)

Two Hands
Fantastic setting. Sit out on the deck to taste the wines. (I liked this one because it was dog-friendly)

2010 Bella's Garden Shiraz
Nice and spicy

2010 Zippy's Block
Smelt fantastic. Tasted 'wow'. Very expensive at $100. (but guess what, this is the one Dad bought. Mum said he's the only person she knows who would buy a $100 wine which will more than likely be eaten with sausage and mash)

I got to play a bit of ball while waiting for the oldies to stop having fun

I got to play a bit of ball while waiting for the oldies to stop having fun

Bethany Wines
Beautiful setting and great service

2009 Shiraz
Really good (Mum says Dad needs to learn more vocabulary)

Old Quarry Barossa Fronti - white port
Very nice (I see what she means)

Me and Mum at Bethany winery

Me and Mum at Bethany winery

St Hallett
2010 Blackwell Shiraz
Good flavour

Murray Street
Winery was fantastic. Great service. Got to sit down and taste the wine, rather than stand up. Made you feel very welcome.

2008 Barossa Valley Greenock Shiraz
Full-bodied wine, really great taste

Keller Meister
Great service - very informative
2011 The Rascally Rabbit Rose (Mum's choice)
She says 'tasted lovely' (and she comments that Dad needs to learn more vocabulary!)

Although the Barossa is known for it's wine and food we did actually do a few walks and we went to a place called the Whispering Wall. It was really funny because there was this huge wall and Dad and me stood at one end and Mum went all the way to the other end and then Mum called me and I looked around because I heard her voice but I couldn't see her. She called me again so I just had to follow her voice but I couldn't see her for what seemed like ages.

I can hear Mum, but I can't see her

I can hear Mum, but I can't see her

We ended the day with a sit down by a fire (we were finally allowed to have a fire).

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Day 17 Loxton to Barossa Valley

It's hay fever season!

sunny 24 °C

We've all got hay fever. Yep, even me. Dad's the worst. He's taking 2 tablets a day plus some nasal stuff and he's still suffering. Mum says we're all suffering listening to him sneezing and spluttering all over the place. He reckons that alcohol will cure it. It cures everything he says. I don't even think Mum bothered to roll her eyes when he said that. Mum has an itchy nose but she won't take tablets because she doesn't like taking tablets and Dad says to her not to complain about her hay fever if she won't take anything for it and Mum says the only thing she is complaining about is him and his sneezing. On the other hand when I sneeze everyone says 'Bless you'.

We left Loxton just after 9am. Mum and Dad are starting to get the hang of living out of a camper trailer. What can I say about the Loxton caravan park. It was very strict for me. Couldn't go here, couldn't go there. Beautiful location though and it was very quiet except for the birds which woke us all up very early in the morning. This one's a hard one. Mmm...I'll give it 3 paws out of 5 paws. (mainly for the location)

We headed off to the Barossa Valley next. We were jammed packed as usual in the car.

They forgot to take the kitchen sink!

They forgot to take the kitchen sink!

It wasn't going to be a long drive so we stopped along the way at Swan Reach to see the red cliffs that the Murray River cuts through. It was a beautiful sight.

I think I'm looking for somewhere to take a poo

I think I'm looking for somewhere to take a poo

We arrived in good time so Mum and Dad could set up the tent, head into town and grab some groceries. An early night for them as apparently, according to Dad, they had a lot of wine to drink the next day. I think he meant he was drinking because I'm sure Mum muttered something under her breath about how the Barossa Valley was more of a red wine region and as she doesn't drink red wine then only Dad would be drinking.

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Day 16 Kingston-on-Murray

The humans like to eat and drink

sunny 25 °C

Today Mum and Dad went to Banrock Winery in Kingston-on-Murray. They left me in the car so I started howling. I thought they would come back and get me but they didn't, so I kept howling. I'm sure they could hear me because I was really loud and I sounded like I was injured! They didn't seem to care. Obviously tasting wine is more important.

They really enjoyed the winery and said that the service was fantastic and the views were amazing. (I had a great view of parked cars)

Here are Dad's comments on the wine:

A little light for Dad

Limited Edition Shiraz
Absolutely beautiful. Much more body that the standard Shiraz they do.

Limited Edition Shiraz Cabernet

White Shiraz
Nice and fruity, strawberry and citrus flavours but still maintains the Shiraz taste

From here, we went to Bonney Lake and had lunch. I got to run around a bit and Mum and Dad thought it was hilarious that I ended up with sand all around my eyes. I didn't think it was that funny.

I'm NOT wearing make-up!

I'm NOT wearing make-up!

After Mum and Dad stopped laughing they drove to a place called Overland Corner and went to a historic pub. (They seem to go to great lengths to find places to drink!)

I met another friend there. I didn't catch his name but he was pretty friendly. Mum said she couldn't look at him because he still had his balls. And I'm like, what the....? And then I checked out my area and I yelled out 'Noooooooooo'!

Getting to know each other

Getting to know each other

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